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Outstanding performers 1987-2013

Since coaching my first student back on September 7, 1986 thousands of young (and old) players have given me and my staff coaches the pleasure of assisting them with their cricket hopes and dreams.

Through the internet I have been able to track the progress of many of my former students.

For purposes of this list I will detail the players that have represented Australia, their State, played first grade premier cricket or played at a premier team in the lower grades.

BUT I have received great joy in looking up the stats of former students who have continued on with their cricket at grassroots level and become very good senior players making significant contribution with bat, ball and gloves!

At this point the list is of only players that have been coached one to one and does not include any of the 30,000 young players that have attended my summer holiday cricket camps over the years across Australia.

I apologise in advance to anyone I have missed on the list, feel free to contact me if any of my details are incorrect or if I have missed one of your notable milestones.

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Senior Australian Players
Adam Dale (2 tests, 30 ODI)*

Senior State Players
Tom Stray (South Australia)
Natalie Schilov (Vic Womens)
Monique Sabatino ( Vic Womens)
Tom Donnell (futures league 2012/13)
Andrew Kent (Victorian Second X1)

Brent Hutchinson (Vic & SA Second X1)

Australian Representatives 
Tom Stray (Australian u/19)

Victorian Representatives  
Ejaaz Alavi ( u/17)
Jayden Borg (u17)
James Stevenson (u/17)
Matthew Brown (u/19)
James Pearson (u/17)
Adam Hardy (u/17)

Premier First Grade Players

Name Club/Info Date
Ejaaz Alavi Fitzroy Doncaster CC, Victorian U/17
Vic u/17
Nick Brandon-Jones Northcote CC 2009/10

Matthew Brown                         

Melbourne CC                       

HS : 77 Premiership player 2012/13


Rory Collins                                                       


Essendon CC                         


HS : 94


Robert Cooper                             

Melbourne CC

4 Hundreds, 100+ games 114 in the GF 2009/10 Premiership player  


James Court                                 

Hawthorn CC

85 games                         HS:95


Adam Dale*                                   


Australia, Queensland, Northcote CC

140 games, HS 56 premiership captain


2 Tests, 30 ODI’s

Sheffield Sheild champion with Queensland


Tom Donnell                                


Dandenong CC, Victoria 2X1  

5 hundreds,

900 run season, premiership player 2010/11


State second X1


Earl Eddings      

Northcote CC, Victorian state squad

262 games, 5 hundreds


Eric Ghasperidis                         


North Melbourne CC

HS:143  50+ games 3 hundreds


Tom Godsell                                

Essendon CC 2007/08

Mat  Grose                                   

Camberwell Magpies CC 2009/10

Nathan Hibbins                          

Casey South Melbourne CC 2007/08

Adam Hardy                                


Camberwell Magpies CC, Victorian u/17

HS: 53                               Vic u/17


Brent Hutchinson                       

Essendon CC

148 games, First X1 Captain

HS : 95, 242 catches

Vic & SA state second X1


Andrew Kent                               

Melbourne CC , Victorian 2X1, U/17 & U/19

200+ Games, 9000+ runs, 16 hundreds., Melbourne First X1premiership captain 2012/13.

Victorian second X1,Vic u/17 & u/19


Eben Martin                              

University CC 2007/08
Rob Mead                                 Fitzroy/Doncaster CC  

Matthew Mitchell                      

University CC


David Nankervis                        



Frankston Peninsula CC

200 game player, HS: 101, 300+ catches 



Ben Peake                                                                        


Northcote CC  

 75+ games HS: 175 not out, 2000 + runs


James Pearson*                             


Camberwell Magpies CC, Victorian U/17

80+ games,100+ wickets, Vic u/17


Daniel Rawson                           



HS: 77


Jack Rudd                                    

Fitzroy-Doncaster CC 2012/13

Tom Rickarby                         


Camberwell Magpies CC

HS: 128, 700 run season, 2 hundreds


Nick Ross                                     

Carlton CC

HS: 65, 50+ games


James Stevenson                        


Hawthorn CC , Victorian U/17

HS: 95* Victorian u/17


Natalie Schilov                           




 HS : 71


Monique Sabatino                      

Victoria   2010/11

Tom Stray                                    

South Australia, Ringwood CC

HS 162, 100+ games, 880 run season, premiership player 2008/09.                                                                     

7 first class games South Australia HS : 90


Will Shute                                    


University CC

HS: 77


Ben Torney                                  


Richmond CC

HS: 82 BB: 4/19 50+ games

Premiership player 2011/12


Brent Warren                               

Dandenong CC 2002/03

Chris Weeks                                 


Richmond CC

HS: 79* Premiership player 2011/12



In addition to the above...

87 players also are playing or have played at Premier cricket level. Of those 87, eleven are currently playing in second grade and we look forward to them graduating to my “Outstanding Performers list” in the near future.

* Adam Dale & James Pearson took batting sessions only.

* Peter Nevill is a past participant of my Keith Stackpole Winter Programs where he worked with state keeper Darren Berry. He is a current NSW state player who has played 31 state games and has a high score of 112* and is an outstanding wicket keeper/batsman.



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