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Test stars honoured at Clever Cricket! reegends honoured!

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Former Test Captain Graham Yallop signs "his" net at Clever Cricket. Former team mate and star of the tied test in India Ray Bright takes net 2, hat trick hero Merv Hughes takes net 3 and former vice captain Keith Stackpole brings his test double century to net 4!

Former Test legend Merv Hughes signing his net at Clever Cricket.

About the centre


Clever Cricket Hardball Practice Centre has been designed to simulate outdoor cricket practice within an indoor facility, no matter the weather conditions! The nets are fitted and cannot be moved and designed to 'give' when a ball hits them, creating a safe environment.

The run-ups on the first three nets are 12 metres or 40 feet long. This provides full run-ups for fast bowlers which is essential for relevant practice.

After seeking the expertise of a lighting specialist it was decided that normal factory lighting would not be good enough for Clever Cricket. A bigger, wider and brighter lighting system is in use at the centre. The lighting gives off a whiter light which does not discolour the surrounds.

At Clever Cricket you will be able to train with your red club balls which again promotes practice under match conditions. The synthetic wickets are the same as what is used by local clubs on their grounds and the wickets have been laid on a new smooth floor. The flat surface provides even bounce for all who practice.

In short, Clever Cricket has been designed to serve the local outdoor cricket community. The features of the centre were carefully chosen to create the best hardball cricket practice facility in Melbourne.


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